Dieting and enjoying meal replacement plans designed by professional companies can be a healthy and effective method to lose weight and achieve that summer body! With all of the added fats and carbohydrates found in restaurant meals, meal replacement programs and dieting programs are generally able to help members eat healthy, nutritious meals that are high in fiber, protein, vitamins and nutrients. They ensure that all meals are in reasonable proportions as well, and also provide a good amount of variety to satisfy different dietary preferences. There are numerous different types of meal replacement programs available on the market with celebrities and popular icons backing up their effectiveness. Most consumers generally believe that these diet programs will cost a fortune; however, contrary to belief, these diet programs are actually rather affordable, and many of which can be purchased with weight loss promotions and discounts that help reduce the overall price and increase the amount of savings enjoyed! With all of the ongoing deals, it is time to take advantage of these meal replacement programs in order to lose weight.

There are several popular diet programs on the market, and each has their own unique method and their own success stories. Depending on the preference of each individual based on the type of meals available, one’s dietary restrictions, and preference on methods implemented to attain the weight loss, different companies will be more suitable for different individuals. Popular meal replacement programs and diets include Medifast, Weight Watchers, Bistro MD, Nutrisystem, Diet to Go, among many others.

Diet to Go
Healthy eating is also made easy with the Diet to Go meal replacement program. Diet to Go has a traditional menu, a vegetarian menu, and a low-carb menu available to members. All menus can be customized in order to cater to the needs of the clients. The company offers a 1200 calorie plan, and a 1600 calorie plan. The 1200 calorie plan is best for women while the 1600 calorie plan is most recommended for men. Members can also choose between the 5 day meal plan and the 7 day meal plan. In addition, Diet to Go is able to provide a free diet analysis for members before starting. They have been advertised by NBC, ABC, Fox, Woman’s World, and many other large organizations.

Medifast is considered as one of the more effective meal replacement programs as members have reported being able to lose 2 – 5 pounds a week with little hassle. The Medifast plan has been scientifically formulated, and will require members to consume 6 meals a day, once every 2 to 3 hours. 5 of the meals are prepared by Medifast, and 1 of the meals will be self-prepared and consist of lean meats and vegetables. There is no guesswork involved, and the Medifast menu offers a huge variety of meals to try. Members can either purchase the 2 week or the 4 week plan.

Weight Watchers
Those who are looking for more communal support will be interested in joining Weight Watchers for they have built a supportive community of like-minded individuals with the same weight loss goals in mind. Not only are they able to set up regular meetings, but they also offer numerous different types of online tools and support to their members. Successful members can post tips and tricks to new members on the forum, and those looking for some encouragement will be able to easily find others who will be able to help curb their cravings. The meetings you attend, as well as the weigh-ins, are not mandatory. Since some members may feel uncomfortable disclosing their information and discussing their problems, Weight Watchers has also designed an online program. Weight Watchers also provide members with a diverse menu.

Bistro MD
Bistro MD is able to ship gourmet, chef-prepared meals to their members’ doorsteps. They will allow members to choose from 4 different types of meal plans – 5 day meal plans, 5 day meal plans with a snack, 7 day meal plans, and 7 day meal plans with a snack. Members can customize their order, and have meals that cater to allergies, religious preferences, personal preferences and other dietary factors. The menu for each week is different, and those who live close to a pickup center can actually go get their food from the kitchen instead of having it mailed. This can help many members save money on shipping, and also get fresh meals every week. Bistro MD is able to provide new menus every week in order to keep their members motivated to lose weight by dieting. Since the meals are prepared by gourmet chefs, they are especially delicious, and members of this meal replacement program will feel as if they are dining at a fine dining restaurant every day of the week while losing weight!

With specialized plans for men, women, and diabetics, Nutrisystem will allow members to specially customize their own meals and pick their own menu. Members will have to choose 28 days’ worth of meals, and incorporate the recommended fitness exercises into their schedule. Nutrisystem is based on 40 years of research and experience. They have designed meals that fit perfectly in the nutritional guidelines as established by the national health organizations. In addition, they are backed by the Glycemic Index, and supported by the Scientific Advisory Board. One of the main benefits of Nutrisystem is that they have a strong transition and maintenance program available for those who have reached their goal weight, and are interested in learning how to maintain it in the future.

With all of the different meal replacement programs on the market, those looking to lose weight will be able to pick and choose between the unique features of each plan in order to find one that is most suited to their needs and expectations. Losing weight by switching to these diet programs can make shedding those extra pounds an easy task! The best part is that most of these diet programs are actually rather affordable, and delicious. In fact, with the weight loss promotions available, interested consumers will be able to easily find the savings and bargains that they have been seeking.