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Get HUGE savings with Bowflex® UpperCut™ Coupons and deals!  Your upper body is the key to a healthier lifestyle. You need it to be strong and toned to not only feel your best but to look great just as well. That’s why it is so important to use the Bowflex Uppercut.  The Bowflex Uppercut is a product that will get you the best results out of your upper body workout. It is effective and can work in many ways through a number of movements. This product is designed specifically to help you out with strengthening your core upper body muscles.

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Bowflex Uppercut Review

Bowflex Uppercut Description

UpperCutThe Bowflex Uppercut is made with a very simple to use arrangement. It is designed with two large extending arms that can come apart from each other as you use it.

A cushioned surface is featured at the meeting point between these two extending arms. This is where you will lay on your chest on while exercising. It’s also where the feet will go while you are performing pike exercises.

The Uppercut device is able to operate with three different resistance levels for workouts. It also works with pulling, pushing and lifting movements that you can use with your arms as well as a few movements that involve using the legs for much of your effort. You’ll even get a full chart that shows you the Dirty Dozen, a series of exercises that you can perform while you are using the Uppercut.

The best part of this is that you can get each movement completed with one clean motion. This allows for an uninhibited movement in the muscles. The goal of uninhibited movement is to make it easier for your muscles to be toned.  These workouts utilize movements that will be more likely to give you the best results and a stronger body.

Muscles the Uppercut Focuses On

The moves in the Dirty Dozen are all made to support the muscles in your upper body. The goal of these moves is to help you build muscle mass while also increasing your ability to tone them as well. In addition, these cut and ripped muscles may last longer after a while.

The device focuses on all parts of the arms but it can also be used on shoulder muscles. It can also exercise the abdominals thanks to the balancing movements you can perform. These movements are intended to help you improve the body’s core. This is made to give you the strong appearance and the best sense of stability that you could ever ask for out of your body.

Exercises Perfomed with the Uppercut

The Uppercut is built to be diverse and can be used to perform several different kinds of exercises.

Presses  – These involve push-up movements. These movements are used to get the chest up and down while you focus on staying stable on the pad. You can even use the Uppercut to perform alternating bird dog push-ups where one foot and one arm are outstretched while exercising.

Pikes  – These  include a series of exercises that allow you to use the feet on the cushion to push them in and out from the base. This is made to improve your ability to get the core muscles toned the right way. Focusing on balance during these exercises is a key part of getting it running right.

Flys  – This exercise will have you move your arms in and out while the chest moves up and down. You can do this in a number of ways including one method that utilizes a single leg lift. This can not only target the arms and abs but it may also strengthen some back muscles.

Dives  –  With this exercise, you will go up and back down again while moving your arms forward and back. This is used with resistance to power your arm and shoulder muscles to make them feel as strong and powerful as they can be.

Why the Uppercut Works so Well

What makes the Bowflex Uppercut so special is that it uses special motions with clean and consistent movements. The clean movements are known to improve the workout by triggering  sensations in about a third more muscles than what you might normally experience in a standard workout. In addition, you can perform several times more reps when using the Bowflex Uppercut than if you were working with something else on your own without this assistance.

Why the Uppercut is a Good Value

You don’t have to pay too much to get the Uppercut. In fact, you can try it out without having to break the bank. It is available for $14.95 for thirty days alongside $19.95 in shipping and handling. You can try it for thirty days and then choose to either keep it or return it for a refund if you are not satisfied with it.

You will have to pay the rest of the $99.95 value of the product if you choose to keep the product beyond the thirty day trial period. The Bowflex company has set up a strong guarantee that suggests that you will enjoy the product and you will feel your most energetic as it is being used for bodybuilding needs. You don’t have to pay the full value of the product if you don’t like it.

This all comes with a weight loss guide and a workout application you can install on a mobile device. The application is particularly beneficial because it lists a number of exercise routines you can use with the Uppercut. These include some workouts in the Ultimate Five program.

You need to consider the Bowflex Uppercut when searching for a quality workout device that can give you a better upper body workout. The movements that you’ll be using while you work out with the Uppercut can help you strengthen and tone the arms, shoulders and core muscles.

Bowflex Uppercut – 4.7 out of 5 based on 57 votes.