Diet-to-Go’s Traditional Meals are Enjoyable and Healthy

The Traditional plan in the Diet-to-Go system is a great plan that allows people to enjoy quality foods while helping them to lose weight. This is a quality meal plan that works with a variety of useful foods. It is by far the most popular meal plan that customers use.

Who is the Plan Created For?

The Traditional plan was created for those who want to use the Diet-to-Go program and want more foods during the process. The diet plan is made with a bigger variety of foods that are all arranged with only the best ingredients and the healthiest standards in mind.

A key about the Traditional plan is that it focuses on a low fat diet. This is used to help improve the body’s metabolic rate while preventing new fats from getting into the body. It encourages healthy weight loss by keeping the body from adding too much fat over time.

This diet is also made for diabetics who are looking for a healthy weight loss plan. The foods are all used to keep the body’s blood sugar levels in check, thus making it a little easier for a diabetic to lose weight after a while.

Traditional Meals Menu

The menu on this diet plan is great to see because it offers some quality foods that are easy for anyone to use during the diet.


• The breakfast meals are made with a variety of products that include healthy ingredients without any harmful cholesterol issues getting in the way. A Greek breakfast burrito can be included as well as apple pancakes, French toast and fruit ambrosia. It should not be all that difficult to get these meals ready.





• Lunch meals include light meals that are filling and feature a good mix of healthy meats and vegetables. A Grilled Turkey Swiss, Chicken Philly sub and a Waldorf chicken salad are among the foods you can eat during lunch on the Traditional plan.





• The dinners that are offered here are made to be filling while also using ingredients that are appropriately prepared with lean meats and the freshest vegetables possible. For example, people can use barbeque chicken with string beans as well as blackened turkey with wild rice. The main entrees and side dishes are made to pair up well with one another to create the best foods.



The foods that are used here are made on a five week rotation. This is made to allow people to get a variety of foods in a period of time so the diet is not going to be repetitive. This is needed to keep the user comfortable and more likely to stick with the diet.

It’s particularly important to make sure that these foods are varied so a person can actually stick with a diet. The problem with some other diets is that they have meal plans that are incredibly restrictive and difficult to handle. Quality meals that are a little more variety should see what this can have to offer for anyone who wants to get quality food.

How the Meals are Prepared

The meals are all prepared with fresh ingredients that are reviewed by the Diet-to-Go people. This is to make sure that the things are handled well and that the dieter can easily prepare the foods as they come in.

All meals are measured and packaged individually as well. A user simply needs to heat the meals to make them easier to eat.

There’s no need to measure anything or to count calories. Every single meal is individually prepared to the point where the foods are to be safe and healthy to use.

The Traditional Meal Results

The results that come with this diet plan are great to find. The Traditional meal plan is made to work with about two to five pounds of weight loss each week. This is a comfortable standard that is easy for the body to get used to. It will not be too fast and should be handled to secure the body the right way.

The people who have used this diet plan in the past have received a number of different results off of their using the diet. Some people have been able to lose about twenty pounds on the diet. There have even been some extreme cases where people have lost at least a hundred pounds. Of course, people who are on the plan for a longer period of time are more likely to actually lose all that weight.

Great Shipping

An important part of the Traditional meal plan is that it can be delivered to a home or office with ease. All of the foods can be delivered over an extended period of time to make sure the foods are actually fresh and safe to consume.

In fact, some people are able to pick up their foods in person if they live in some markets. The only places where this is available in are Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The diet is becoming more popular so don’t be surprised if a future site was added at some point.

Price Points

Finally, the price that comes with the Traditional plan should be easy for most people to afford.

• A customer can get five days of lunch and dinner meals for $95.99. This will actually be at $79.99 for the first week, thus giving anyone a good chance with looking to see if the diet will work out right.
• Breakfast can be added to the five day plan if desired. This can get the plan to move up to $112.99.
• A seven day plan will cost $131.59 for seven days and $142.99 when breakfast is included.

These are all made with valuable deals that involve no contracts. Anyone can use these deals for as long as desired.

People who want to lose weight and don’t want to sacrifice quality food options should see what the Diet-to-Go Traditional plan has to offer. This is a plan that allows anyone to easily get the body to lose weight by using healthy foods with a simple dietary regimen. This could allow anyone to easily lose weight quickly without risking any problems regarding the foods that are used. This all comes with a good variety of things to eat.