eDiets Promo Code, Coupons and Review for 2014

eDiets is a meal replacement program designed to be able to help create a simpler route to dieting by offering nutritious replacements that are low in calories while still being filled with essential nutrients and vitamins. eDiets is a relatively large company, and has 15 years of experience backing up their program. They have helped millions of members achieve their goal weight in a safe and effective manner through dieting. Not only are the meals prepared by eDiets able to meet the guidelines that are established by the American Heart Association, but they will also follow the nutrition guidelines that have been established by other major nutrition organizations. All meals are pre-approved by physicians and nutritionists.  Act now and grab a 25% off eDiets Promo Code to help you save on this diet plan.

eDiets will require members to eat 4 meals a day which will include breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. They will be able to provide personalized support for each member based on their individual needs. Members are able to choose their menus on a weekly basis and will be able to have menus shipped to their doorsteps. Members are also able to choose between a 5 day diet plan and a 7 day diet plan depending on their commitment to the program. The 5 day program will offer more leniencies. Those who want more information will be able to opt for a free diet profile. By inputting personal information, eDiets will be able to calculate the current body mass index of the individual, a more suitable range or goal, and also provide information regarding the duration of time that it will take for members to lose the weight when staying in the program.

What We Like:

Different Intensity Levels: Not everyone is prepared to jump into the diet plans that are offered by the program which is why the choice of being able to go for a 5 day diet plan instead of a 7 day diet plan will be able to help many new members get started. While the 7 day diet plan is perfect for those who are interested in working every day of the week to lose weight, those who are on the 5 day diet plan will be able to enjoy 2 days of freedom.

Taste and Variety: eDiets offer a wide range of different dishes and cuisines in their menu. The meals are prepared every week which will keep them fresh. In addition, there are numerous different types of varieties available. This will help keep members interested in the dishes that are offered by eDiets. eDiets will constantly update their menu with new additions, so that members are able to try out new dishes and cuisines that may be able to better suit their taste buds. There are no dehydrated foods in the menu, and currently the menu has over 120 different succulent meals available. Menus are also customized for men, women and diabetics.

Convenience: On top of being able to be prepared in a matter of minutes, the meals prepared by eDiets are perfect in the sense that all aspects are already calculated by professionals. Members will not need to count calories or calculate amount of carbohydrates and fats consumed. The meals are already prepared, and will only need to be heated up by being placed in a microwave or an oven. Members only need to follow the diet. All meals are already packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body.

Cost: Among all of the different diet programs available on the market, eDiets is not only easy to work with, but also affordable. Most members who have decided to join eDiets will find that they will be able to save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent dining out or purchasing groceries. There are always savings going on.

Online Support: The eDiets company will be able to provide members with different types of online tools that will be able to help track and monitor weight loss habits and progress. In addition, eDiets has a YouTube channel full of videos regarding topics that are related to weight loss. Not only will members be able to watch videos related to dieting, but they will also be able to watch videos on tips on how to exercise and on tips on how to further implement their weight loss goals with different techniques. There are numerous different educational videos available able to provide the information needed. Members are also able to contact like-minded individuals through the community that eDiets has created. Expert support is also provided.

Weight Loss Store: eDiets has a weight loss store that branches into fitness and also other types of nutritional branches. This can be rather helpful for members who are looking to attain a healthier lifestyle.

What We Don’t Like:

Lack of Vegetables: While this may not seem like a huge concern to some, those looking to be extremely healthy will generally complain that the diet does not offer many vegetable alternatives. In addition, a lot of the meals will not have large portions of vegetables associated with them. An easy fix to this problem would be to manually add in more vegetables; however, some members believe that the program should be revised in order to account for this problem.

Lack of Flexibility to Add Own Snacks: Since eDiets has already taken care of all aspects of the meals for their members, members are unable to deviate much from the plan. Members won’t be able to adjust the proportion of the meals to their liking. For example, some members may prefer having larger breakfasts; however, all of the meals from eDiets are divided into equal proportions and have the same amount of calories.

Our Verdict:

With years of experience under their belt, eDiets has focused the objective of their company in being able to help members achieve healthier lifestyles. Their meal replacement programs have been designed to provide amazing results in an efficient manner while still satisfying the taste buds of their members and curbing cravings and hunger. Members who are interested in the program will not have a lot of leniency outside of the program, but they will be able to add more vegetables into the menu if they desire. With numerous different dishes available, members are never bored by the menu.