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Save with these Bowflex Treadclimber Treadclimber TC5 Coupons for 2013!tc5 coupons Home fitness machines are able to provide a fulfilling full-body workout that will be able to help individuals stay fit, active and healthy. Among all of the different home fitness machines that are on the market, individuals looking for the most effective workout will want to consider purchasing a TreadClimber. The TreadClimber is a unique combination of a treadmill, stair climber, and an elliptical machine in one. It utilizes all of the muscles in the body to operate, and will be able to provide an effective and efficient workout that will burn double the calories in comparison to other home fitness machines that are available.

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Treadclimber TC5 Review
The Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 is one of the newest TreadClimbers on the market with the most unique design at the lowest price possible. It comes from a line of TreadClimbers from the company, Bowflex. Out of the 3 models that are offered, the TC5 is considered to be the most basic machine and will only have the most basic features. The Bowflex TC5 comes with 4 electronic functions, an LCD display, a 4.5 mph max readout speed, a quiet, motorless operation, 100% satisfaction guarantee and also an amazing warranty plan. The machine has dimensions of 43.1 x 27 x 52.8 inches, and will reach 17 inches at the highest point from the floor. The machine weighs approximately 163 pounds, and will be able to take on a maximum user capacity of approximately 300 pounds.

treadclimber tc5

What We Like:

User-Generated, Motorless Operation: Unlike other machines on the market which require electricity to operate, the TC5 will eliminate the hassle of cords, plugs, and the need for outlets. It is user-operated, and will function off of a motorless operation. Upon being used, the machine will be able to generate enough energy to turn on the entire system. The whole machine is fueled by the energy generated from the workout which can be quite motivating to some users. In addition, since it is user-operated, and there is no need for outlets, the machine can be placed anywhere.

LCD Monitor: Individuals who are serious about their workout session will want to be able to monitor and track their performance. Due to this reason, the LCD monitor is especially useful. It will be able to provide information like speed, distance, time and calories burned for tracking purposes. Individuals who are looking to lose weight will find the calories burned feature to be extremely useful in documenting the type of session that they had.

Ergonomic Console: A workout will not be complete without the appropriate reading material or without water easily available. The console will ensure that all of the materials needed for an amazing workout can be easily stored in one location for easy access.

Transport Wheels: Weighing at 163 pounds, the machine is rather heavy, and can be quite difficult to relocate. The transportation wheels at the bottom of the machine will help individuals move the machine without straining their muscles.

Cost: The Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 is the cheapest machine out of all of the models. Consumers who choose this machine will be able to save a substantial amount of money while still being able to enjoy some of the basic workout sessions without the added features. This is generally not a problem for those who are just seeking a good workout. The workout is still just as efficient and effective, and will be able to provide individuals with the type of exercise that they have been seeking.

6 Weeks Fitness Result Guarantee: Individuals who are unsure of the effectiveness of the machine can purchase it knowing that there is a guarantee in place. Bowflex is so sure that individuals will enjoy their product that they guarantee that they will be able to provide a full refund on any machine that is returned within 6 weeks of purchase if consumers were not 100% satisfied. Returning the product is easy. Simply contact the customer service department for a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

Warranty Plan: Bowflex will be able to stand behind their products 100%; thus, they are able to offer an amazing warranty plan for those who are interested in investing in one of the machines. They offer 1 year coverage for the entire machine, and their machine is backed by the Bowflex 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any repairs or replacements that need to be made within the warranty time frame will be fully covered by the company.

What We Don’t Like:

Cannot Be Compacted To Smaller Size: Some home fitness machines will be able to compact down to smaller sizes as residential areas do not normally have a lot of space to work with. The TC5 can be easily dissembled, but cannot be compacted down to a smaller size. Those who are in need of extra space will have to dissemble the machine after a workout, and assemble it when the machine is needed, so that the machine will take up less space. Despite this, assembling and dissembling the machine will literally only take several minutes.

Noise: In advertisements, the company claims that the Bowflex TC5 virtually noiseless. This is not the case. Some consumers have complained that the machine will make a substantial amount of noise during the workout. This may be a problem for those who want to work in a quiet area or during times when others may be sleeping.

Our Verdict:

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC5 is a great investment for those who are interested in losing some weight, staying fit, and staying active. It is able to provide an amazing fully-body workout session that will be able to burn double the calories. With time being so rare nowadays, most individuals will want to take advantage of this machine in order to burn more calories. The TC5 comes with some of the more basic features, and has very little disadvantages to it. It is extremely affordable which makes up for the slight noise that it makes. While the machine cannot be compacted down, it can be dissembled, and stored elsewhere. Those who are wary about the claims that are being made about the machine will want to enjoy the guarantee plan established by the company. Overall, individuals who have purchased the machine have claimed that it has been able to provide amazing results and has been able to shape their body to their ideal figure.

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