Nutrisystem to Introduce Nature’s Agave Sweeteners for Its Clients

Nutrisystem has announced a partnership with Nature’s Agave to release a number of organic sweetener packets for use in the program’s diet. These products have been introduced as a means of helping people use a sweetener that is safe to use while also improving the taste of different foods that might be used while on the Nutrisystem diet.

Nature’s Agave is a company that makes organic sweetener products. These include products based off of the agave plant. These sweeteners are known for having extremely low sugar contents while also featuring the same sweet taste that people come to expect out of such a substance. The syrup that comes from the agave plant is the key ingredient in its production.

The sweeteners are created to fit in with the low glycemic index that Nutrisystem has established for its foods. The average glycemic index of agave syrup is about 15. This is significantly lower than the 70 that people might expect from sugar, honey or another traditional type of sweetener. As a result, the odds of the body triggering actions for storing fats or suffering from an increase in blood sugar levels will be extremely minimal when an agave sweetener is used. It is part of one of the most popular features of the diet program.

The sweeteners are also made with organic ingredients to protect the body while on the Nutrisystem diet. This means that the body will not be likely to suffer from a disruption in weight loss procedures as a means of artificial ingredients. It is a continuation of how Nutrisystem puts a strong emphasis on keeping the body healthy without the use of artificial ingredients in the food the body consumes.

Nutrisystem will be selling these products through the program’s website. These are available in packages of twenty-eight packets. Each packet is equal to one single serving of a material. In addition, Nutrisystem considers each single packet to be one extra serving according to the plan’s rules. This should be relatively easy for the average person to use when trying to lose weight over an extended period of time.

Nutrisystem is even listing this sweetener as an optional ingredient on many of its recipes. These include recipes that can be found directly on the Nutrisystem website. The diet company uses this as an ingredient to encourage people to take a closer look at what might come with such a product.

Also, this will be made available in two different flavors. The traditional Blue Agave Nectar sweetener features a vanilla flavor with a slight bit of caramel in it. The Maple Agave Syrup flavor features a maple flavor but with a lower glycemic index.

Both of these products are created to be sugar replacements. These are to protect the body from using sugars in the diet while still having something sweet to use for it.

In addition, these are very easy to spread onto different foods. Each individual packet is designed to where the user can quickly open it up as needed.

One of the most critical parts of these sweeteners is that they do not contain any aspartame or saccharine. These are known for being artificial sweeteners that do not contain natural sugars. However, they are also known for adding weight to the body in some cases. In fact, some studies have suggested that saccharine may be cancerous but it is not fully clear as to whether or not this is the case.

The safety of the sweeteners makes them all the more appealing. In fact, it will not be too hard for an average person to use them while on the Nutrisystem diet. A single packet will be good enough for typical recipes in the Nutrisystem program. The sizes of the packages themselves should also be used as a way to assist anyone with getting a better diet plan up and running.

The new Nature’s Agave sweeteners for use in the Nutrisystem diet have made it easier for people to use this diet without problems. Nutrisystem has chosen these items to improve anyone’s ability to develop a healthier life without worrying about problems that come with the body suffering from serious issues after consuming sugar.