Total Gym Coupon Codes: Coupons for 50% off in 2015!

Get 50% off with the Best Total Gym Coupons and Promo Codes here! Endorsed by professionals like Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, the company known as Total Gym is considered as one of the largest global leaders in home gym and exercise equipment. Total Gym offers 3 different types of models for residential purposes that have at least 80 different exercises incorporated with them. The 3 models include the Total Gym XLS, which is most popular, the Total Gym 3000, and the Total Gym 2000. Those looking for professional models can choose the popular Total Gym GTS. Depending on the type of purchase that a consumer may make, the Total Gym will come with an AbCrunch and a Workout DVD that can help make the workouts a lot more efficient. With a Total Gym Coupon, the entire equipment will be even more affordable.

Total Gym Coupon

Step 1:  The Standalone offer below takes you to a SPECIAL landing page (not found if going directly to where you can apply the coupon code! Note: Percentages off are subject to change and thus pricing may change as well.

15% Off Total Gym FIT

50% + An extra 15% on a Total Gym FIT, XLS, or GTS - No Code Needed
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expires 06/30/2015

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60% + 10% Off & Free Shipping

60% off XLS, 33% Off Fit + EXCLUSIVE 10% Add'l off Coupon & Free Shipping!
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Step 2: Select “30 Day Trial” or “Pay in Full”, then “Proceed to Checkout” (Choose Pay in Full and Get an Additional $50 OFF!!!)

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Step 3: At Checkout Page, look for the box as shown below and enter the code from Step 1




Step 4:  After entering code and selecting “Apply” notice the price has dropped by an additional 10%! and you will receive:
Free Upgrade if you choose Full Payment, which includes:
Priority Processing, Extended Warranty, and 60 Day Extended Money Back Guarantee.
 ($110 value!)


Total Gym Review

What We Like:

Efficiency: Unlike any other home gym on the market, Total Gym is able to help many consumers achieve an excellent workout in the shortest time period possible. An efficient workout can be obtained on Total Gym equipment within 10 – 20 minutes. The Total Gym can work out several muscles at a time for added efficiency. It’s possible to obtain a full-body workout. Consumers are also able to target different muscle groups based on the type of achievements that they are seeking. The Total Gym can provide an efficient workout that can be altered to target any muscle at any time.

Convenience: One home gym is able to incorporate over 80 different exercises in one place. This means that Total Gym is extremely convenient. Those using the gym can transition from one workout to another relatively easily. There are workouts that will focus on cardio, strength and stretching. Depending on what the consumer wants to work on, they can easily switch to the workout that they are interested in. Workout regimes are also a lot easier to complete with Total Gym.

Value: Total Gym is known to be extremely durable, and since it is able to offer numerous different types of workouts in one, most consumers are able to enjoy working out on Total Gym rather than purchasing a gym membership. This can help many consumers save a lot of money over the years. Total Gym is reported to be able to last for years without even deteriorating in condition making it one of the best investments possible for those who are interested in obtaining an amazing workout. With a Total Gym coupon, Total Gym is extremely affordable as well.

Versatility: Total Gym is designed to be perfect for all consumers. It is designed for those from ages 8 to 80, and is also able to cater to consumers working in different performance levels. It can cater to different fitness goals as well. For example, those looking to improve their flexibility, their muscle tone or their endurance can find the workouts that are targeted to their needs in the DVDs and information booklets and brochures provided by Total Gym. Total Gym has designed over 80 different exercises.

Easy on the Body: Total Gym is extremely easy on the joints, and the body. It can help the muscles obtain the workout that is needed with very little work. The cables are able to help the consumer workout in a smooth manner in order to lower any impact that the equipment may have on the body. The Total Gym will also use a certain percentage of the consumer’s weight as resistance.

Fully-Assembled: Unlike other machines that will require assembling, Total Gym is fully assembled right out of the box and will not require any other assembling at all. It can be easily folded for storage purposes. The Total Gym can be easily compacted down to a smaller size for storage purposes without any problem. Consumers do not need to dissemble the product at any time.

Free Shipping: Shipping can be rather expensive, especially for heavy products; however, Total Gym can offer an amazing deal – free shipping! The Total Gym equipment will be shipped immediately to one’s doorsteps upon purchase, and consumers don’t have to pay a cent at all for shipping!

Free Trial: In order to ensure that the consumers will be satisfied with the product, Total Gym is able to offer a free trial period. Consumers only have to pay a small amount in order to try out the product for a month. Those who are interested in purchasing the equipment can enjoy paying small monthly payments after that. With a Total Gym coupon, this can be made to be even more affordable.

Free Upgrade When You Pay All Payments in Full: Consumers who are able to pay in full instead of on a monthly basis will find that they can a $100 upgrade. This means that they are entitled to priority processing, extended warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee along with their purchase.

What We Don’t Like:

Bulky: Despite it being easy to compact down to a smaller size, Total Gym is rather bulky in comparison to all of the other products that are available on the market when it is fully set up, and it will take up some room. This is due to the fact that it is able to incorporate so many different exercises in one machine.

Our Verdict:

Consumers looking to be able to obtain an efficient workout at an amazing price will find a lot of value with Total Gym products. Not only is one machine able to incorporate numerous different types of workouts that can target different muscle groups, tendons, and more, but the different workouts can help many obtain the type of session that they are seeking. With Total Gym, it is possible to design a workout regime that will target on specific muscle groups or all muscle groups depending on one’s needs, and the workout is rather efficient as most consumers are able to see results just by working on the machine 10 – 20 minutes a day. It is definitely a valuable machine, and with a Total Gym coupon, a lot of consumers are able to obtain amazing deals and savings as well.

“I think setting a goal, getting a visual image of what it is you want. You’ve got to see what it is you want to achieve before you can pursue it.” – Chuck Norris

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