Read below as we discuss the 2014 Plan by Weight Watchers – Simple Start: A 2-week “Jump-Start” to weight loss!

There is no dearth of weight loss companies in the US which promise to make you lose weight by eating packaged food delivered to you. But the only real company that has had the guts to bring a real weight loss mechanism which is based upon healthy eating and exercise is Weight Watchers. Incidentally it is a Weight Loss Company which is known for allowing such a tremendous amount of lifestyle flexibility. You can eat and drink whatever you want to unless you’re not crossing the limit of daily points plus allotments.

This company has brought several extremely successful long term weight loss and maintenance products like Weight Watchers Online, Weight Watchers Monthly Pass, Weight Watchers Meetings, etc. One of its unique gender specific weight loss programs known as Weight Watchers for Men has gained a lot of applause from men as it suits their biological and lifestyle requirements very well. In the course of 50 years, this Weight Loss Company has maintained its position on top in the weight loss industry due to constant innovations and changes for the improvement of weight loss efficiency.

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Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan for 2014 – What Is It?

In early 2014, Weight Watchers Company proudly announced its latest innovation in weight loss i.e. Simple Start Plan. The Simple Start Plan from Weight Watchers is a welcomed 2014 change for all those people who have been struggling hard with their weight loss. The Simple Start Plan is simply used as a start up Plan that will last for two weeks. These two weeks mark the powerful beginning of your weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. The Simple Start Plan is a really smart move by Weight Watchers in present times because many other competing companies are also formulating start up Plans. What makes the Simple Start Plan unique is that it is an illustrative manual which will pre-Plan your every food consumption throughout the two weeks in order to make you aware about healthy eating which does not involve compromising choice and taste.

weight watchers simple start confettiThe Simple Start Plan will give you dozens of recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, eating out and dinners. In fact the Simple Star Plan will also help you in Planning healthy cheat meals during the weight loss journey too. Because of this Simple Start Plan from Weight Watchers many people will get the opportunity to try out the healthy yet flexible lifestyle that is an integral part of the company’s various weight loss programs. As the name of the Plan suggests, this is indeed a very “Simple to follow” Plan which eliminates the need for you to Plan and think about food.

A Starter Plan with No “Points Plus System”
The Simple Start Plan is so easy to follow because it doesn’t require you to Plan an eating schedule or calculate the points plus values of the food that you eat. This doesn’t mean that Weight Watchers has brought in a new methodology for this Plan. The Simple Start Plan doesn’t deviate at all from the Weight Watchers points plus system because the professional weight loss company has already done the points plus calculation for the recipes that it has presented in the Simple Start Plan. When you start using the Simple Start Plan then you will realize that any recipe that you pick from the manual is already very low in points plus values. So, you could choose any option without worrying about healthy food Planning.

The thought behind eliminating the points plus calculation for the initial two weeks of dieting with Weight Watchers is that the dieters will become accustomed to eating healthy and proportioned food and they will get sufficient time to learn about the points plus system. The Simple Start Weight Watchers Plan will set up deep values in the participants about healthy and smart eating due to which they will make fewer errors from the third week when they will switch over to the main weight loss products. The overall weight loss speed will be drastically improved due to this start up Plan. Learn as former spokeswoman, Jessica Simpson, describes more detail about the plan:

A Training Session for a Healthy Life
The Weight Watchers weight loss ideology is very simple that “you can eat anything” using your points plus limits. So, when a new member begins using the Weight Watchers program then he uses his points plus values to eat the food that he has been eating till date. He will spend more points plus values in eating French fries due to which the total quantity of food that he will be able to eat will be very less. His points plus values will be spent in no time due to the fatty calorie laden food. Then he will eat the fruits and vegetables to fill him up because they have zero points plus values.

wwsimple_startSo, there will be a trial and error phase in which members smartly learn to pick up healthy food items according to taste preference so that more can be eaten with his points plus allotment. That’s where the Simple Start Plan steps in. This Simple Start Plan helps in the complete ousting of this trial and error period from the weight loss journey. This start up Plan will give hundreds of tasty food choices of which will be very low on points plus values.

Therefore, the member will learn to eat three main meals with additional snacks within his points plus limits without actually calculating the points plus values themselves. So, after the completion of two weeks then he will be already habitual in choosing the healthy food items due to which his weight will be lost at a greater pace than usual. This is the whole concept behind the launch of the Simple Start Weight Watchers Plan which provides a short duration training session to the dieters.

Lose Weight in Just Two Weeks!
Now if you still have doubts about the Simple Start Plan’s efficiency then you must know that this start up Plan can help you in losing a lot of weight in just the beginning phase of weight loss. The Weight Watchers members could lose about 8 pounds in just the first two weeks due to the availability of this marvelous and efficient Simple Start Plan. This start up Plan will boost your metabolism and make you lose weight very quickly.

All the meals included in the Simple Start Plan are nutritionally balanced and you will get the right intake of all the essential nutrients while creating a smart deficit in the total number of calories that you will consume. All the water weight that you had accumulated by the consumption of salty food will also be lost in the initial two weeks itself. The Simple Start Plan will make you consume the healthy versions of your favorite food items that will be low in fat, bad carbs and salt while being high in fiber, protein and good carbs.

The Online Start Up Guide
The Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan has been specially developed for the Online members who have time restrictions. The Simple Start Plan will be provided to the online Weight Watchers dieters on their online account. The online account will provide illustrative Simple Start modules to the users which will contain hundreds of easy to make recipes with low points plus values. The modification of the recipes and saving of modified recipes could also be done in the online module provided to the Online members. They will receive a lot of tips for eating out via the Simple Start Plan.

Meetings’ Members Get Simple Start in Handbook Form
The Weight Watchers Meeting attendees will get the Simple Start Plan in the form of written concise booklets that will contain so many recipes for all the meal timings like breakfast, dinners, snacks, etc. All the recipes in the Weight Watchers Simple Start booklets will be very illustrative in nature due to the usage of a lot of graphics. This will help them in learning about portioning and reducing their meal sizes according to meal images displayed alongside recipes. The booklets will also give a lot of information about having healthy cheat meals and snacks occasionally. The eating out manual and healthy food shopping manual will also be provided in the handbook kits for Simple Start. The Monthly Pass holders will also get these kits at their Weight Watchers meetings.


Not only this, those Weight Watchers meeting members who subscribe for eTools will also get the Simple Start app. This Simple Start mobile app will be provided with the other mobile apps launched by Weight Watchers. The subscription code will have to be used in order to download the Simple Start app on your mobile phone. This app will provide all the information that will be contained in the Simple Start kits and Simple Start online program. You will also get information about healthy restaurant food items in the Simple Start manuals so that you could dine outside without worrying about your diet Plan.

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