Florida State Says Nutrisystem Helps Obese Women

A recent story out of the College of Human Sciences at Florida State University proves that the Nutrisystem diet program may work well for women who suffer from serious weight issues. Nutrisystem is designed to improve the ways arteries around the body can use the transfer of blood from one spot to the next.

A typical obese woman will suffer from serious arterial problems. These problems can involve a serious lack of healthy blood flow around the body due to fat deposits and the physical pressure that comes from them. This is a serious issue that could cause a woman to become more likely to suffer from a heart attack or another cardiac issue.

The Nutrisystem diet has been found by Florida State scientists to assist women by improving the ways how their arteries can function. This came from a story that used several obese women to see how the program can be run.

Much of this came from the benefits of the low-caloric content in the Nutrisystem diet. The diet is arranged with a series of healthy foods spread out over the course of the day. These foods are particularly prepared with fewer calories in mind.

The Florida State study was also performed with a series of exercises. However, these exercises were extremely minimal in terms of how intense they were. This included a series of leg exercises that were performed for about thirty minutes each day.

In fact, the study even found that an obese woman did not have to engage in any low level exercise programs in order to feel the benefits of the program. It is strongly recommended that a woman does stay active and exercise though. Women who do exercise while they are on the Nutrisystem program will be more likely to get their desired results in a shorter period of time.

The specific results of this study were particularly promising. It was found that of the forty-one women who were involved in the study, the average weight loss among these women was close to about five percent of their total weight figures. This occurred over the course of a few weeks of studying the participants. The weight loss is expected to be even greater when a woman sticks with the diet program for a longer period of time.

Most of the weight that was lost was found in the abdominal area. This included weights from fats that were stuck in the body prior to the diet.

This was a strong key because it suggests that a woman who is on the diet will be less likely to suffer from fat deposits getting in the way of the arteries. Blood will be able to move around the body at a much more efficient rate than what it used to take in.

This is also made with a procedure to keep the body from losing muscle mass. This is designed to make it easier for the body to experience a stronger sense of growth in the body’s lean tissues. It may be easier for some women to experience a stronger amount of weight loss if they are able to maintain their normal tissues.

This study is particularly important when it comes to how likely women are to suffer from serious cardiovascular problems if they are obese. In fact, this may even benefit postmenopausal women more than any other type of woman. The risk of cardiovascular issues will increase as a result of the hormonal changes that come with menopause. This is especially worse for women who need to lose a substantial amount of weight.

An important caveat of the study is that the women who participated in the study were all non-smokers. Therefore, there is a potential for a woman’s benefits to be lower in quality if she is a smoker. The study recommends that women quit smoking if they are going to enter the Nutrisystem program so they can actually receive better results out of it.

This study from Florida State University is proof that there is a strong potential for obese women to lose weight and to develop healthier arteries while on the Nutrisystem diet. The study has found that the low caloric content of the diet may be combined with mild exercise to improve any woman’s ability to lose weight and keep pressure off.