Medifast Presents – “Conversations with Yourself” TV Ads

Many of the most notable Medifast success stores involve people who have lost thirty or more pounds over a period of time. The commercials that Medifast have been airing over the years show just how well this program can be. However, the company has released a brand new advertising campaign for online and television use. This new campaign showcases just how noticeable a person’s weight loss can be and how effective Medifast is for the process.

Medifast has recently released a brand new series of commercials that stand out well beyond the ads that other weight loss service companies have been running. These commercials feature actual Medifast patients talking to their formerly overweight selves.

The commercials were created by Solve and Assembly Studios. They have been airing on television stations around the country since the start of the New Year, a time when many people turn their thoughts to losing weight to start the year off right.

This campaign is known as the “Conversations with Yourself” series. It is a campaign used directly towards people who are looking to lose weight but haven’t figured out how. The unique approach features a simple concept but it means a great deal from an emotional standpoint. It shows how Medifast can change anyone’s life.

These commercials have become very popular through online video-sharing websites. The way these commercials were made is interesting but what particularly makes it all stand out from other commercials diet companies have released comes from Medifast’s desire to show people how effective the program can be.

The concept behind these commercials is very unique. What happens here is that a person will appear on one side of the room. This is a person who has just been on the Medifast program. The other person on the screen is that exact same person before going on this plan.

The campaign was created with a unique arrangement. A willing participant had first agreed to appear on camera through an interview with a nutritionist. The participant asked a number of questions that one would have said to their self at the time.

The participant would then come back a few months later after losing weight during the program. That person would answer the questions which were asked earlier.

This campaign was designed in order to create an emotional response to the program. However, it is also being used to show people just how effective this program can be.

The amount of weight that people are losing with this program can be very dramatic. Many people have been able to lose about thirty to forty pounds within the course of a few months.

Meanwhile, people who stick with the program for a longer period of time will be more likely to get the best results. Many people who have stayed on the program for a year have reported results of sixty to eighty pounds of weight loss. Some have even lost more than a hundred pounds by sticking to the Medifast program alongside a healthier lifestyle.

The commercials in this program feature people who were interviewed nine months apart in the same room. This time period shows just how effective the program may be after a person uses it for a while.

In fact, the campaign showcases both men and women who have been looking to lose weight. This is to show people that it doesn’t matter what one’s gender is when it comes to weight loss goals. Anyone can lose weight through the program.

The “Conversations with Yourself” campaign is being used as a special look at how the weight loss can occur. The results will be noticeable when a person sticks with the campaign for a number of months. A person who loses weight will not only look more appealing but also have a greater sense of self confidence. This could make all the difference when it comes to living one’s life.

This new advertising campaign from Medifast has been making headlines in recent weeks. It will continue to be showcased by the company with a number of new stories coming out later on this year. These stories in this campaign are being used to tell people that the Medifast program can change anyone’s life.