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Get Bowflex TC20 Treadclimber Coupons to save on your Shopping! When seeking a home fitness machine that will be able to provide an effective and efficient workout, consumers will want to consider taking a look at the machines that are offered by Bowflex.

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Bowflex® TreadClimber® TC20 Video

About Bowflex

Bowflex is one of the most innovative and revolutionary companies in the home fitness machine market as the company will constantly develop and incorporate new technology into their machine for an effective and efficient workout. They will also look to compact the machines as most residential owners do not have large amounts of space available. With this in mind, the Treadclimbers that they carry are one of the best home fitness machines on the market as they will be able to help consumers burn double the calories in each workout session in comparison to the calories burned using other machines. The Treadclimber is a treadmill, stair climber and an elliptical machine in one. The Bowflex TreadClimber line carries 3 different models. The most luxurious model possible, known as the Bowflex TreadClimber TC20, is a bit pricey, but has numerous added benefits and features to it. It is not only comfortable, but also the perfect asset for those who are looking to attain the best full-body workout session possible. Unlike the other models, it can store information of more than one user which makes it perfect for households with numerous members. In addition, the TC20 is able to provide additional workouts and also “landmark” workouts as well for a more entertaining experience. It is designed to have the lowest impact on the joints, and will be able to set, monitor and track personal progress and performance. On top of having the standard LCD screen and a heart rate monitor, the TC20 is also backed up by the Bowflex 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will also come with a 3 year warranty plan. The TC20 has a speed range of 0.5 – 4.5 mph, transport wheels, and also takes up a dimension of 55 x 31.5 x 55.25 inches with the highest point of the TreadClimber being 17 inches off of the floor. The machine weighs approximately 217 pounds, and will be able to hold a maximum user capacity of about 300 pounds.

What We Like:

Goal-Oriented Technology: Unlike the other models in the line, the TC20 has special goal-oriented technology with an interactive console. This technology will mimic the work done by a personal trainer, and will motivate consumers during the entire workout session. The goal-oriented technology will also help consumers set up goals, monitor their progress and track their goals and performance level. Data in regard to the type of workout completed can be easily accessed with a push of a button.

Store Information from Multiple Users: Households with more than one member interested in being able to work out on the machine will be interested in the TC20’s ability to store information from multiple users. Each individual will be able to store their own set of data into the machine without interfering with the data of other users. This is actually a particularly useful trait of the TC20.

Landmark Challenges and Additional Workouts: Consumers who have dreamed of being able to climb landmarks like the inside of the Statue of Liberty will love the landmark challenges that are available. They actually mimic the actual landmarks! In addition, consumers will also be able to enjoy a variety of pre-set workout sessions. Those who are interested in being able to have workouts that are customized to help lose weight, lengthen endurance or work on specific problems areas will be interested in being able to use the pre-set workouts.

LCD Monitor: The LCD monitor is an extremely useful tool for those who are interested in monitoring and tracking their progress and performance level. It will be able to monitor the same type of aspects like the monitors in all of the other models – time spent on machine, distance traveled, speed and calories burned. This is extremely useful for those who are interested in being able to track their performance level when using the machine.

Heart Rate Monitor: The heart rate monitor utilizes the wireless chest strap to function, and is an extremely useful tool for more experienced consumers. Not only will it be able to provide information regarding one’s heartbeat, but consumers will be able to utilize that information in order to maintain the most effective workout while staying in their optimal fat-burning zone. The heart rate monitor will also allow consumers to be able to see their body’s response to the workout session.

Longer Foot Treadles: The Bowflex TC20 differentiates in design by having lower foot treadles. This will actually help to provide a more comfortable experience. It will reduce the amount of tension and strain that is placed on the muscles and joints. In addition, it will be able to help consumers attain a more efficient and effective workout session.

Bowflex Weight Loss Plan: The Bowflex weight loss plan is designed to be able to help consumers learn how to lose weight in the most effective and efficient manner. Not only will it provide information regarding the type of workout session that is most ideal, but it will also educate consumers on the type of exercises that will target different body parts. In addition, it will also provide dietary information to consumers as well.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Bowflex is able to offer a 6 weeks 100% satisfaction guarantee plan. Upon purchasing the machine, consumers will have 6 weeks to try the machine out. Those who find that the TC20 is not able to 100% satisfy their expectations will be able to contact customer service for a Return Merchandize Authorization number and receive a full refund.

Warranty Plan: Since the TC20 is a bit more luxurious than the other models in the line, it has a longer warranty plan of 3 years. The entire machine is covered for 3 years, and any replacements or repairs that need to be made within the time frame will by fully covered by the company.

What We Don’t Like:

Cannot Be Compacted Down to Smaller Size: Just like all of the other models in this line, the TreadClimber TC20 cannot be compacted down to a smaller size. It can take up quite a lot of space which may be a hassle to some residential owners. The machine can be easily dissembled and assembled and stored in a different location in order to save space; however, dissembling the machine may seem like a hassle to some consumers.

Our Verdict:

Consumers with some extra money to spare will want to be able to invest in the Bowflex Treadclimber TC20. In addition to having the basic functions that are also offered by the TC5 and the TC10, the TC20 has numerous other benefits to it that will be able to help enhance the consumer’s overall experience. In addition, it has numerous different types of accessory trays that will be able to carry reading material and water bottles. The machine cannot be compacted down to a smaller size, but it has transport wheels on the bottom of the machine so that relocating the machine will be easier on the joints and muscles. Those who are looking for an effective workout on a comfortable machine will want to be able to invest in the Bowflex Treadclimber TC20 due to all of the benefits that it has.


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